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Which institution will provide me online education 100% free I'm unable to pay anything?

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Asked by sumyan Tuesday Dec 16th 2008 in Online Colleges
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Well, in answering this question I am going to have to give you some good news, and I am going to have to give you some bad news. There are plenty of ways to earn an online degree for free, but it will not be easy.

With today's tough economic times, having money to do anything, such as buy a car, house, and unfortunately getting the funds to go to school is getting increasingly more difficult.

As it stands schools are increasing their tuition costs each semester, some have upped their tuition by 400% just in the last 5 years, so as you can imagine acquiring the funds for going to college takes a variety of sources to get the full amount.

And, as if this is not bad enough, with the end of lending money comes the end of having money to give. Schools are seeing a massive decrease in endowments, which effects scholarships and the internal funds that schools have to provide students with the necessary requirements needed to offer them a quality education.

So, I bet you are asking, "What is one to do in a time where you need an education, but it is becoming too expensive to receive one?" I will tell you, you are going to have to get really creative.

My first suggestion is a technique called Nickel and Dimming Your Way Through College. What this will involve is you spending a lot of time searching for small scholarships, which will also require a lot of writing on your part. Most smaller scholarships ask students to write some sort of biography or future goals, and don't forget that grades are by far the most importantóso make sure you are always doing your best.

Now, another option is to work for an organization upon the completion of your degree that will repay your students loans. Organizations such as National Health Service Corps, Pease Corp, National Association of Public Interest Law, Americorps and Volunteers in Service to America all have programs that will aid you in paying back your loans as long as you work with the organization for a set amount of time. This is an excellent option for those individuals who do not qualify for scholarships, and who are looking to help others as a part of the future plans.

Also, one thing that most people don't know is that most schools offer free courses to their employees. Typically itís a limited number per semester, but working for a school could help you in cutting youíre your overall costs.

Finally, if all else fails federal student loans are a great way to go. Think of it as a student government bailout. The federal government offers Stafford loans that can be repaid after you leave school, and have begun getting you feet under you. The loans have a low interest rate, and can be set to be income-contingent so that you monthly payment is based on what you make to you can easily make the payments.

So, don't be troubled with the tough economic times. If you are determined to get an education, there will be a way for you to pay for it.

Good Luck!

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