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What kind of laptop should I get for college?
It's becoming increasingly necessary for me to upgrade my old computer and I am not exactly sure what kind of laptop I should get for attending college online? Any ideas?

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Asked by orangepeel Friday Oct 17th 2008 in Other - Education
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Oh, the question that plagues most individuals when they are about to begin college. I spent a good two weeks researching what computer I should get when I started my BA program, but I assure you that you probably are not as big a tech geek as I am, and will probably not spend that much time researching.

There are two main concerns that you should take into consideration as you are choosing you new computer for college.

1. Is that you will need a computer with a lot of space.
This means the size of your hard drive. In college you will be creating a lot of you electronic files, this includes documents, slide shows, movies, music, etc., so the bigger your hard drive the better off you will be. I began my graduate degree (which took two years to complete) with a 80GB hard drive computer, and when I finished I had not only used up all 80GB, but I also had to get an external hard drive with 250GB, which I filled over half full. So the bigger the better.

2. The more memory the better.
Random Access Memory or RAM is also a vital part of choosing a computer, and just like the size of a hard drive, get as much RAM as you can. RAM is that part of the computer that remembers everything, temporarily, and can fill up. Not having enough RAM will slow your computer down, and when you are writing a term paper at 3 am it is important for it to work well and quick. So do you best to find a computer that has at minimum a 1 GB of RAM to ensure that in this day and age of amazing graphics and powerful software that you have the space you need.

As for a brand, everyone has a different opinion for what brand of computer they like, I myself like Apples, but I have many friends who love PCs, in the end if you are using it for college purposes choose one that you like. Just make sure it has a big enough hard drive and lots of memory, so you do not find yourself having to purchase another computer in a year or two.

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