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What kind of jobs can I get with a baccalaureate degree in biotechnology?
I have finished my Bsc in Biotechnology in 2007 with 60%. I have tried various places to get an internship or project but have not been successful as my percentage is deemed to less. I have also applied for MSC in UK but have been rejected but this. Please tell me if it's too late to apply for Msc as I have been 2 years late? Also what are the optimum requirements if I wanted to get a degree from an excellent University in UK. I would also like advice on how much is the Job expectancy in the Biotechnology field during this recession.

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Asked by royalcukie Saturday May 2nd 2009 in International Students
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Every institution is going to have a different deadline for application, so you are going to have to contact the ones you are interested in to find this information. But, you might get lucky a lot of MSC programs have a rolling deadline that will allow you to apply at any time.

As for the requirements, again that will vary depending on the institution, so you will need to contact them to find out the minimum requirements that are needed for being accepted.

Finally, from the quick bit of research that I did it looks like the BioTech industry is holding up well in the recession.

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