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What degree do you need to be a politician?
What degree do you need to be president or senator?

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Asked by Linda Friday Feb 29th 2008 in Career Planning
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Throughout History, ancient or modern, political aspirations were never dictated by a candidate's degree of, what the profane would regard as, formal education. Regardless of the arena, i.e., local, state, or federal, the ambitious candidate must have esoteric understanding of that system. The operative word, 'system', being that which Romans uttered in reference to their 'sewers', which is why, even today, we refer to them as - ' sewer systems'....etymologically speaking.

"The art of peace is medicine for a sick does not rely on weapons or brute force to succeed..." - Morihei Ueshiba

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There is no specific degree required to be a politician. However, many politicians demonstrate an interest in service and government from an early age. Many politicians earn degrees in subjects like law, economics, and political science. Others become doctors or major in business before entering politics. Sociology is also a major that lends itself well to a political career.

Here are the degrees earned by some of this year's political candidates and other well-known politicians:

John Edwards: Lawyer
Howard Dean: Doctor
Hillary Clinton: Political science major
Barack Obama: Political science major
John McCain: attended U.S. Naval Academy
Mitt Romney: Lawyer
Ron Paul: Doctor
Mike Huckabee: B.A. in religion

George W. Bush: MBA
Ronald Reagan: Economics and sociology major
Bill Clinton: B.S. in Foreign Service
George H.W. Bush: Economics

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