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More Information on E Business Degree
I am wanting to get a Bachelors degree in E Business. I need help finding the right degree and school. I seem to only be able to find two kinds Science, or Managment/E Business. The science one sounds more in depth for the Ebusiness part but it may go to much into the technical side of how the systems work. I am looking for something that would be geared more towards marketing/e business. I don't know if this exists or what's the closest thing. Another concern is the accreditations of the online school I choose. What is the best association to look for? Also, I am wanting to make this as cheap as possible. Should I find a cheap community college to get as much classes out of the way as I can before moving on? The trouble with that is I want to do my classes online to work around my work schedule. And I want to make sure whatever university online or not that I go to will take those credits. I just recently started researching, but have already spent over 20 hours online. And I just can't seem to get the exact information I need. Just tends to dance around all of my questions without any real answers. This is a big step and commitment of time and money and I want to make sure I get it right. Any and all help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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Asked by kristinmile23 Friday Sep 14th 2007 in Online Degrees
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Hi Kristin,

You have some great questions regarding this degree. I think from most of the feedback we have received is that that University of Phoenix Online e-business degree is the most popular and current program people are taking today. You can see a full description and how to contact the university here:

Now regarding, accreditation for online universities. I would recommend going to a school that is accredited by one of the major regional and national accreditation agencies recognized by the CHEA and the United States Department of Education. We have a complete article on accreditation here to explain everything:

In the case of University of Phoenix, is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission which is recognized by the USDE and the CHEA. Many offline public 4-year universities are also accredited by this agency. In the long run if you decide to stop attending school online and go to a 4 year college, there is a higher probability that many more of your credits will transfer to your new school. This saves you money and a lot of time. Ideally, though its best to complete your degree all at one place.<br />

On the subject of community colleges to get your basics out of the way. This can be risky. Many online universities do accept transfer credits from other schools that are accredited. However its not always guaranteed that your basics will transfer. Many online schools have different requirements for graduation and some of the classes you took at a community may not be needed or so dramatically different in cirriculum that the online university will not accept them. <br />

The other part about an e-business degree is that its in a field that changes dramatically in a short amount of time. If you watch the news or follow any e-business related progress you will find out that trends, strategies, and information is constantly changing. So I believe that if you wish to pursue a career in e-business, your bachelor degree will also need to be supplemented with real work involved doing business online. Your classroom is the internet in this case. Your degree program is going to help serve as a starting place to learn the basics and the framework for which e-business functions. You can then take that knowledge to some real world experience working online in a number of industries.

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