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Is the online degree in Sales Management Strategies and Tactics valid in Canada for further studies?
1)After obtaining degree can we continue further study part-time or full time.

2)Is this degree compatible with other degrees in Canada?

3)For immigration purposes, is this degree is acceptable ?

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Asked by diamond Sunday Apr 5th 2009 in International Students
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1. The online Sales Management Strategies and Tactics program is not an online degree, it is an online course. So you can Continue further study, but it does not specifically qualify you for continuation with a specific institution. You will have to apply to a school you are interested in attending.

2. Again, this is not a degree program, and it is up to an employer on whether they want to recognize it as an accredited program.

3. As for immigration purposes, you are going to have to contact the governing body of the country you are planning to immigrate to in order to find out if what programs will be able to aid you in your efforts.

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