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Is a post bacceularte program still count as undergraduate studies or graduate level? I ask because I am at my fed limit for undergrad loans
I cannot receive anymore undergraduate federal loans, and I know that graduate level starts the loan process over. I just have no idea about post- bacceularte degree programs. If it is still considered undergraduate, then I will have to reconsider due to my limits.

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Asked by titaniclady34 Wednesday Oct 27th 2010 in Financial Aid
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Wow, after having been college for eight years I thought I knew everything there is about student loans, but I must admit that you had stumped me on this one. So, I had to do some research. Unfortunately, I don't have a happy answer for you. It looks like post- baccalaureate degree programs are classified at the undergraduate level when it comes to student loans.

Now, having said this I want to share with you a list of online articles that might be of some use to you in finding funding for your education. This list of Understanding Student Loans articles has a ton of information on finding and obtaining students loans.

While you might have maxed out your federal student loan limit, that doesn't mean that students don't have any other options.

One last things, I would also suggest that you contact you financial aid officer. They are the best people to talk to when it comes to finding funding for your education.

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