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I need to combine degree in education studies with either social anthropology or sociology. Which subject is better for my education career in the future?

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Asked by corrydoraz Wednesday Feb 6th 2008 in Online Degrees
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Hi Corry,

Good question. What do you like better - studying people or dealing with people directly? If you like studying people and cultures looking at a bigger picture than maybe you should pick anthropology. There are tremendous applications and jobs these days for anthropologists. Its a fascinating field that is suited very well who has an enduring and endless curiosity about life.

On the other hand if you like studying small units and the interactions of cultures and people on other cultures. Looking at how families work and what causes the problems of today's society then look at maybe becoming a sociologist.

Now likely, I am not even going to begin to explain fully each job. They encompass so much more, so it might be good for you to talk with an anthropologist or a sociologist and ask them about how they like their job.

Here is a current application that anthropologists are making in Iraq. The army is using them to help communicate with the different cultures in Iraq.

Good luck with your decision, come back and lets us know what you decided!

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