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I have a bachelor's in business, but I want to pursue nursing
I have a bachelor's in business administration, (minors in marketing and hrm.) I want to pursue nursing, but there are so many different types, I'm not sure where I have to start. What are the requirements in Oklahoma? Where can I get reliable information on how to do this? I want to be able to finish within a year and a half. (I finished my bachelor's in 3 years) Can I just get a certification and take the NCLEX-RN? I just started a new job that has nothing to do with nursing and is inflexible with scheduling, so I have to take online or night courses. I don't want to seek out a school for information, because they typically only give information to go to THAT school, and I have things to work around that asking a school would not consider. Should I just contact a hospital?

Thanks for the imput!

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Asked by andileu Sunday Feb 8th 2009 in Online Degrees
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Wow, what a question. Now, I must warn you, I am in no way an expert in the way of nursing or nursing requirements within the state of Oklahoma, but with what little research I have done I have found some good information.

Of course everyone who wants to become an RN is required take the NCLEX-RN, and this is an important thing to keep in mind when you are searching for an online nursing program--you will want to ask all the potential schools you are looking at what their procedures for the NCLEX-RN are.

Now, I will tell you this, any school that is reputable will explain to you all of the requirements that you will have to complete in order to become a registered nurse in Oklahoma.

Another suggestion, donít be afraid of contacting schools. Yes, they will try to sell you on going to their school, but don't let them push you into it, just insist that you are looking for information--any good school will understand and let you take time to make a decision.

Here is a link to a list of online schools that offer nursing programs, Online Nursing Programs

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