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I have a Bachelor's of applied science but I want to become a teacher. My major was fashion merchandising. What do I need to do to become a teacher?
I have a BSAS with my major being fashion merchandising. I work in retail and have quite a lot of experience under my belt. I want to change careers. I want to become a teacher in Ohio. Do I need another bachelor's degree or can I get my master's in education? Or can I just get my teaching certificate? Please help...I hate retail!!!

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Asked by tmcolburn Friday Sep 25th 2009 in Career Planning
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What an amazing question. There are a number of online degree and certification programs that are avaliable for people with their bachelor's degrees and who are looking to gain the knowledge, skills, and the educational accreditation that is needed for teaching at the K-12 level.

First, what you should do is look for online teaching certification programs that will aid you in developing the well-rounded knowledge and certification that is necessary for teaching in Ohio. These online teaching certification programs are an excellent option for individuals with a bachelor's degree; however, I should note that many educational systems do not accept alternative certification, so you should check with the school district you are looking to teach in to find out if they will accept this program.

Also, another option is to complete a master's degree program in education that includes a teaching licensure component. Here is a link of a list of online master's degrees in education.

Lastly, if you want, but the other option would probably be better, you could transfer your credits to a bachelor's degree in education program. This would help you gain the education, and licensure that is needed for teaching at the K-12 levels. But, this option could take a little longer.

In the end, your best bet would be to do a ton of research on online education degree program, and find the one that would best fit you situation.

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