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I have a BS in Marketing and an MBA, looking to teach high school business courses. What further education/examples would I need?
I currently live in Colorado and am looking to change careers and to teach high school students what I have learned over the past 10 years with education and experience. Do I need another Masters degree in order to be certified to teach? Or just a certificate? Also, what are some possibilities? I am looking for an online course so I can continue working full time as well. Any information with teaching with an MBA would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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Asked by nealspeal21 Friday Mar 9th 2012 in Teaching
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I would recommend you start at this page: The Colorado Department of Education. The Alternative License seems to fit what your situation.

Here is an online teacher certification program that also seems to fit what you are looking for: Accelerated Teacher Certification.

Finally, you can also look into teaching at a private school. Most private schools still require a teacher certification these days, but you can find a few that do not require one.

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