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I currently attend La Sierra University and I intend on transferring to Loma Linda University for Physical Therapy school. Loma Linda doesn't require that I receive a BA in anything, but it is more wise to get one anyway? Will a BA benefit me in any way after I receive a doctorate?
Question about Physical Therapy school

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Asked by mik3ignacio Sunday Oct 19th 2008 in Campus Colleges
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Without knowing the in-depth details of the these two schools and their programs I am going to take an overall approach to answering your question.

It seems to reason that if you receive your doctorate degree, that you will have completed the necessary requirement for a bachelor's degree; however, you will just not have the actual degree.

This is not unlike individuals who skip their associate degree and receive their bachelor's degree. It is given that they have completed the requirements of an associates, they just do not have the associates degree.

So, in the end it if you have your doctorate, it will probably be presumed that you have the educational requirement of a bachelor's and master's degree.

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