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I am interested in several different careers. I was mostly interested in music therapy are there any online schools in this field?
I am currently an UOPX student in the Associate of psychology program. I may have to transfer because of an incomplete grade in my last class of the program. What are my options in transferring? Can I transfer to a music therapy school? I am also interested in health care bachelor program was accepted at my current school but now in jeopardy of not finishing my AA. I am worried about capping out my lifetime amount in the pell grant I am currently in my 4th school. Thank you for your insight. Have a good day.

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Asked by bcindyfree Monday Aug 1st 2011 in Financial Aid
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To answer your first question about transferring schools, I am going to direct you to this articles which will have everything you will need - Switching Schools: A Guide to Transferring Your College Credits.

As for your second question regarding the bachelor's degree program, you are going to need to contact your advisor for that information.

Third, if you are worried about your financial aid or Pell Grants you will need to contact your financial aid advisor. They are the only one who can help you find that information.

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