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How you would tackle discipline in education? Everybody respond please!
I want to assimilate as much information as possible about the best ways to tackle discipline in Education and then conduct surveys to see which ideas the public would support and think would be effective so please let me know your thoughts.

Below I am also going to outline my own idea and hope you can also provide feedback on it.

I believe that standards have been consistently slipping since corporal punishment was banished. This was effective because it was something students feared and whilst it seems clear that this will never be reintroduced I think the only way to tackle the issue is to bring in something different that students would respond to.

I propose bringing in military style schools for unruly pupils which would be run by ex military personnel trained as teachers. Students could be sent away for a couple of days or for a year depending on how problematic they are and allowed home only at weekends or possibly just holidays. They would be up at the crack of dawn, washing, cleaning and cooking for themselves and in bed early as well as obviously learning. It should be a demoralising experience that they would not want to go through again. Also it should be enforced by law so that if a parent refuses to agree to it, or drop off their child at the agreed destination then the police will collect the child from the families home and issue the parents with a fine for wasting police time.

I believe one of the major reasons this could work is it would take them out of the environment which has taught them to behave in the way that they do and away from parents in many instances who are never going to enforce any kind of discipline on their own child. Many of the parents are undoubtedly the problem but they need to be dealt with separately using social and welfare reform. If something isn�t done about their children then it�s another wasted generation and a problem which will continue.

I know this is a highly radical proposal but I believe that more people would support this then any of the political parties would ever believe, and if it did prove to be reasonably popular then it may just happen.

Please give me your opinion on this and any of your own ideas.

Thank you.

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Asked by Muz202 Tuesday May 19th 2009 in Learning Tips
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The topic of discipline in education has long been under the microscope of educational and societal researchers, and is probably one of the most controversial topics that schools are addressing today. Many individuals, such as yourself, have a strong, polarized opinion about whether the use of force and discipline are in the best interest of today’s pupils.

While there are many arguments, both for and against, on the subject, it is my belief that taking a middle of the road approach will be the best option. Now, I am in no way an expert in the way of education, but after spending 25-years in the U.S. educational system, I do believe that I have a general understanding about how things work.

What I am suggesting is not to take discipline out of the educational system or to place all kids in a military type institution, but what I would suggest is to rewind the educational clock to the early 20th century when discipline was implemented at the classroom level, and students develop the understanding that education is a luxury. That not all people in the world are given the opportunity, and that they should count themselves lucky for having the opportunity to be apart of one the best educational systems on the planet

But this is only scratching the surface of the topic; there are still problems with students developing the respect for instructors, instructors developing respect for students, the freedom of instructors to control their own environment, parent involvement in both student academics and discipline, and the implementation of minor disciplinary tactics, such as corporal punishment, timeouts, and academic punishments, at the classroom level to preemptively disparage students from acting out.

So, like I mentioned above this is a big topic, and one that has virtually created a sub-field within education. Good luck with the rest of your research!

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