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How much does it cost to go to University of Texas at Brownsville?
How much does the average term cost to go to University of Texas at Brownsville?

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Asked by Wilder Thursday Mar 12th 2009 in College Tuition
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Hi Wilder,

Here is rough per credit hour rates for tuition at UT in Brownsville. These rates don't include technology frees, room and board, textbooks, etc..

Tuition for Non-Resident in Graduate Program: $358 per credit

Tuition for Non-Resident in Undergraduate Program: $328 per credit

Tuition for Resident in Graduate Degree Program: $116 per credit

Tuition for Resident in Undergraduate Program: $116 per credit

For a 15 credit semester you are looking at around: $2,332.56 that includes all includes fees.

All students are required to pay the following fees for each semester, regardless of length: Student Service Fee ($12.00/hr, $150.00 maximum), Computer Fee ($11.00/hr), Student Union Fee ($41.56), Automated Fee ($30.00), and Records Fee ($10.00), Advising Fee ($50.00), Library Fee ($3.00/hr), International Education Fee ($2.00/sem), Medical Services Fee ($20.00), Student Recreation Fee ($79.00)

I would be sure to contact the school for more information: UTB;

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