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How can I get a MSN if I have a BA in Psychology without having to get another Bachelors, BSN?
I currently have a BA in Psychology and I would like to get a Masters of Science of Nursing. I have heard that I can do a Bridge program, applying my BA degree toward the Masters without having to obtain a second Bachelors degree (BSN). I read your response to the person who had an RN and wanted to know about the bridge programs. I have tried to research schools that offer this bridge program, and in your response you said it is possible to go from a BA in an unrelated field to a MSN. Where can I obtain information about such programs, as I have not had much luck?

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Asked by eblittleone Wednesday Sep 10th 2008 in Online Degrees
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That is a really good question, and one that took me calling a good friend of mine who is working on her RN to figure out. After some internet research and friend bugging, I have come to learn that you are going to have to get your RN to be eligible for any bridge program to an MSN.

Now, this does not mean you have to get your BSN, you will just have to get your RN, which will require you gain the necessary credits needed for an Associate degree in Nursing, and then you will be able to join a MSN bridge program. Good news though, with a BA in Psychology you will more than likely be able to bypass all the Gen-Ed courses the degree might require you to take.

Off the top of my head there is one program that might be of some service to you. The program is offered by Drexel University, and allows students to, once they received their RN, move from an RN-BSN-MSN.

What this mean is that a person with an RN can work on their BSN and MSN at the same time. Use this link RN-BSN-MSN to access the information regarding further details of this program.

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