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Hi, just want to know which are the entrance exam I have to give as I wanted to do my MBA from U.S.A from a good university or international school and what are the formalities needed like visa..etc and what are the admission pattern..please reply soon.
Information regarding doing MBA from U.S.A

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Asked by NIKITA Wednesday Dec 2nd 2009 in Online Degrees
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This is a very complicated question, and I am going to try my best to answer your question.

First, let me address the exam you are going to need to take to be accepted to most MBA program - the GMAT. Which is a standardized assessment, which is delivered in English, that helps business schools to assess the qualifications of each of their applicants for advanced graduate study in business and management.

Now with that said, before you go and take the GMAT you will first need to contact the schools you are interested in attending to find out what their policy is for foreign students. They will be able to provide you with a list of requirements for acceptance, as well as help you work your way through the process of applying to their program and to the university.

After that, you will need to contact your government, as well as the US Department of State, and begin the process of obtaining a student visa. This may take a while, so be prepared to have to wait a bit. This will not happen over night.

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