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Does scholarship by distance offered
My name is melkamu and live in Ethiopia. I want to learn but i faced problem of access. I want to learn political science by distance in bachelor .How i can achieve my wish .I am poor not able to pay . I wait for your response.
God Bless you

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Asked by malkamud Wednesday Sep 26th 2012 in International Students
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Hi Meikamu, I think you are asking if you can receive scholarships for online education and the answer is yes. Depending on college you choose and the program determines what scholarships you are eligible to receive.

There is no denying that paying for college is overwhelming. Student debt is high and tuition is higher than ever. As a student you have the option to apply for scholarships and grants that you are eligible to receive. Here is an article that may help: Grants and Scholarships: What You Need to Know. Hope that gives you a place to start.

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