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Can I use job experience in the Acctg/Finance field to shorten the time it takes to get a degree?
I have a HS diploma and want to pursue a degree in the Acctg/Finance area, can my 20+ years in this field help shorten the average time it takes to get a degree? Are there online courses or colleges that take work experience into consideration?

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Asked by Moana Friday Jul 13th 2007 in Online Degrees
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Moana, some colleges will take work experience into account but there are not many regionally or nationally accredited online universities that will. This is sometimes referred to as "life experience credits" and is one tactic used by diploma mills in order to sell degrees. They give you a degree based on your experience without sometimes verifiying of that experience. This is something you will need to watch out for. If you are to get credit for your 20 years in the field it will usually take some work.

There are several ways in order to get life experience credit. 1. Challenge or Proficiency Exams. Some very well established universities such as Excelsior College and Thomas Edison State College offer these. 2. Military training. 3. Corporate training credits. 4. Professional licenses. 5. Essay or reports on experience.

Watch our for the fees on these exams and be sure to ask a lot of questions.

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