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Are there any jobs for someone with a masters in education?
I have been teaching in an inner city Transitional Learning Program for 12 years and would like a job for the kids but not with the kids.

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Asked by Karla Saturday Aug 16th 2008 in Career Planning
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This is quite the interesting question, and one that took some deep thinking outside of the box to figure out. Gaining your Master's degree in Education does not necessarily bind you to a life filled with teaching children, but can actually open numerous other doors that could lead an individual with you degree to a career behind the scenes or outside of education.

By having your Master's degree you will already have an advantage in the eyes of most organizations. Individuals with a Master's degree are typically seen as better writers and critical thinkers, and in turn this can be used to your advantage if you are looking to leave the world of education behind. Careers such as Career Counselor, Corporate Trainer, or a variety of possibilities in the Non-profits arena are all possible career opportunities. Depending on the skill-sets that you have gained in your time as a teacher will influence what you will be qualified to do.

Now, if you are looking at simply stepping out of the forefront, and taking a more backseat approach to education let me suggest positions such as: Education Researcher, Textbook Writer, Education Consultant, Distance Educator, Positions on or within State Boards and Departments, or even the increasingly popular and fast growing position of Curriculum Designer. All of these are options that are available for an individual with your degree and experience.

With that all said, let me take a moment to suggest that you look into taking some online courses that could aid you in changing your career path. Many of the positions that I have mentioned above have courses online that could aid you in sharpening your understanding of the area, and help you in obtaining and succeeding in a new career. Courses such as:

Applying Leadership Basics

Online Research Techniques

Comprehensive Leadership Training

Developing a Strategic Plan

These are only a few possibilities, and there are many, many others. My suggestion is that you take a close look your own interests, and figure out what career options would best suit your personal goals. Then find some online courses that would help you develop those skills to become a more desirable candidate.

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